About TrendPro

TrendPro is a simple, powerful & useful desktop tool for techno-derivative analysis. This tool is part of our initiative “Simplifying Knowledge”, whose purpose is to empower traders/investors by providing actionable information for safer & profitable decisions. Extensive & proper derivative analysis requires a software tool, same way as technical analysis. Trendpro takes care of all major aspects of derivative analysis such as open interest, cost of carry, rollover , put-call ratio, option pain, fair option price & implied volatility etc. It analyzes derivative data and provides results with comprehensive visual depiction.

This tool has been a combined effort of Ezac Enterprises, MindShark Solutions and Mr. Ajay Aggarwal who is a renowned Derivative Strategist & Option Guru. He has successfully partnered with ICICIDirect centre for financial learning (ICFL) for conducting novel & patented Training Program called “Techno-Derivative” for ICICIDirect Clients. This program is being conducted all over India and is a part of ICFL`s “Classroom Education Programs”. He uses TrendPro as a tool in his practical sessions while conducting Techno-Derivative training programs.

TrendPro Performance Examples

For the purpose of better understanding the usage, benefits & right application of this tool, we have provided some examples through snapshots. We shall continue to add more of them on regular basis. Please click on any document below for details...